Why Do Toenails Turn Black After Running?

Why Do Toenails Turn Black After Running?

"Enthusiastic runners experience this problem at least once in their careers" says Dr. Bright.

There are three reasons for this unfortunate phenomenon:

  • too small running shoes;
  • too long toenails that constantly hit the top of the shoe;
  • your specific running technique.

Whatever the case, the result is always the same. Vessels under the nails burst, blood pours into the voids between the toenail and the toe tip and it seems black through the translucent nail plate.

"The area between the toenail and the toe is not adapted to the accumulation of blood or other fluid - it is too rigid and limited," says Dr. Bright. "Therefore, the pressure in the area of ​​the damaged nail is rapidly increasing."

Running tip: If you are very concerned about this pressure, and you can’t tolerate it at all, try the extreme method: heat the needle and puncture the damaged nail.

"This is a very painful procedure," Dr. Bright shudders and strongly recommends that you consult a doctor instead of choosing self-treatment.

In general, stop simulating and just wait for a while. Soon the tissue under the nail will die, the nail will fall off and you will be able to observe the miracle of life - the appearance of a new nail.

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