Why do I have side pain when running?

Why do I have side pain when running?

Everyone might be familiar with this annoying pain, which usually occurs in the right side at the most inappropriate moment. In this case, your breathing is to blame. To be precise, it is not the breathing itself, but the diaphragm that controls the respiratory movements.

The diaphragm attaches to the liver on the right side. According to healthcare specialists, during the run, the place of attachment stretches the diaphragm and may cause pain.

Running tip: If you suffer from the side pain, slow down a bit or switch to walking. It will help you take a deep breath. You can also try to hold the liver area with your hand and put some pressure on it.

Another way to get rid of pain: exhale when you land on your left foot (at this moment your diaphragm moves up) and inhale when you land on your right foot (at this moment the diaphragm moves down) - this will reduce muscle tension and relieve your painful spasm.

Well, the best way is to keep training. Regular workouts make the diaphragm adapted to stretching and help it respond to loads normally.

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