Why Do I Have a Headache During the Run or After It?

Why Do I Have a Headache During the Run or After It?

Perhaps because you start thinking about all the problems that you tried to run away from. In fact, headaches can occur for various reasons: from a tightly tightened cap to sudden migraines.

Most common causes, however, are muscle overstrain and hydration issues.

"The trapezius muscles located in the upper back are directly attached to our skull. When we flex your arms and shoulders too much during running, it may lead to headaches," says Dr. Bright.

Headaches may also be a symptom of too much or too little water consume.

Running tip: Relax your hands from time to time during the run. Rotate your head and relax your muscles. After running, carefully stretch neck muscles, pressing the ear to the shoulder from each side.

Also, you can calculate the optimum amount of fluid you need on the run. To do this, weigh yourself before the run and after 1 hour of running (do not drink anything during this time). Each 430 g (0.9 lbs.) of weight lost corresponds to 480 ml (16.2 oz.) of fluid that must be replenished.

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