Running for Weight Loss: Myth or Reality?

Running for Weight Loss: Myth or Reality?

What type of running and how much running is necessary to lose weight?

Running for weight loss: is it a myth or reality? We asked professional trainers how to run and how much to run to lose weight.

Maintain a calorie deficit

Probably, I will make readers upset – people lose weight not due to running, but due to calorie deficit. It means the body should spend more calories than it receives with food. No matter, if you run or not, you will lose weight in case you eat less than you burn. Running only helps to spend more calories. But it won’t be helpful, if you eat with a double appetite after your jogging. Therefore, the main recommendations: when you start running, follow you diet plan!

As for some special way of running to lose weight, there are no special ways. Just start exercising. Your task in running is to improve your fitness form. Any type of running can be useful: both jogging, and short distance run. The key point is to make up the right training program. Running as physical exercise is an excellent recycler of your accumulated fat deposits. The combination of running and proper nutrition will quickly yield results. Girls will get the main running bonus almost immediately: running activates metabolic processes in the tissues and helps to eliminate cellulite.

Balance nutrition and workouts

Running can be used as part of an integrated approach to improve the body shape. To start weight loss and help your body bur fat, it is necessary to include running workouts lasting from 40 minutes on a low heart rate (slow jogging). Active fat burn starts after about 40 minutes of easy jogging. If your goal is to lose weight, then try to reach it with the help of nutrition and exercise balance.

Go jogging every morning

Morning jogging at a calm pace allows you to optimize weight well. Choose a slow-pace run, because if you run fast in the morning, then it will be impossible to do it daily. Fatigue will accumulate in the body and then affect your motivation. The nervous system will get tired, leg muscles will hurt, and this is not likely to add optimism.

Light jogging in the morning accelerates metabolism, so during the day the body will spend more calories. If you don’t overeat (consume less calories than you spend), then the excess weight start melting. Consistency is very important. Do it daily! Provided, that the food is free of net carbs in large quantities, after a couple of months your bodyweight will decrease due to changes in your lifestyle.

Run according to your heart rate

We have different heart rate zones. Running on a low heart rate promotes fatty tissue breakdown. The higher the pulse, the more you run using energy contained in carbohydrates, and the more carbohydrates you spend. Of course, if our goal is to burn fat, it's better to run in a low heart rate zone. The combination of running in a low heart rate zone with interval training under the guidance of your coach will give the maximum effect. The process of losing weight will go faster.

Track what you eat

You can run 10-15 kilometers every single day, but the scales will show the same result. It happens if you have a burger with French fries and some sauce for lunch, and a soda with a chocolate bar for dessert. First you need to clean up your diet. To put it simply, when we burn more calories than we consume, we lose weight. Other factors to consider are: your overall lifestyle, stress level, metabolic speed (the indicator is very individual). Running is only a great addition to the proper diet and active lifestyle in general. And how much to run and what type of running to choose – it’s better to decide by yourself or with the coach, based on the factors listed above and your fitness level.

Change your lifestyle

Running is not the easiest way to lose weight. It will take a while to build up the necessary training volume. If you include intense workouts in your training plan, the progress will go faster. Very few people are ready for such training.

People lose weight not due to running, but due to their attitude to exercising and their healthy lifestyle. Those, who fall in love with running start reading product ingredients, count calories and control portions, go to bed on time and change their diet. Of course, after a while the results become visible, but they are achieved not due to running, but due to the right approach to weight loss!

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