How to Run with Proper Form

How to Run with Proper Form

How to start running with proper form and technique to have no regrets in the future?

If you read this, then, you must have already decided to start running. It means there is no use to inform you about all benefits of regular running. Therefore, let's move straight to the point.

Never believe those who say that you just need to go out and run. It won’t do any good, and even more - in the long term it can lead to injury. To start right, you should spend a few minutes and learn more about the theory of running. And then get to practice.

Running technique

The most important thing in running technique is the footwork. Most beginners make the same mistake - they land their foot directly on the heel.

Yes, we use this pattern for short distance running in daily life. This is unlikely to harm health. But, if you want to run 5-10 kilometers, or even more, you should be able to show proper form.

You should touch the ground with the toe, gradually resting on the rest of the foot. This amortizes the mov and minimizes the impact of hard surfaces.

Otherwise, running is dangerous for your knees. With the hard landing on the heel, the rest of the body mass falls on your knees. They act as shock absorbers, gradually spending their resources.

It is also important to keep the posture right: avoid slouching during the run. In the rest your own body will tell you the proper running technique: position and movements of hands, breathing and tempo.

Hands are used to keep your balance while running. You can breathe through the mouth and through the nose. It is important not to hold your breath and not to interrupt it, so that the body has a constant oxygen supply.

The pace for the start should not be too high. As you practice running more, you will learn how to control it and set new goals.

Running conditions

Now you know how to run properly. However, a few more questions are left: when to run, where to run and what clothing to choose for running?


To begin with, choose the most suitable time for running. It can be morning, afternoon or evening. It is best, of course, to run in the morning. Jogging will help the body to wake up, and the energy accumulated during sleep will allow to implement your plans without getting too much tired.

Besides, it is better to run either on an empty stomach or to make sure you have meal 2-3 hours before the running. This way you provide healthy digestion and avoid unpleasant feeling of heaviness during the run.

If you have no opportunity to run in the morning, then afternoon or evening runs will do. In this case, it is important to know how running affects your sleep. If after a run you can’t fall asleep for a long time, it is better not to plan a workout in the evening.


It is important to choose the place for running. The perfect choice is a stadium with running tracks. The main advantage or stadiums is that you can easily track the distance and protect your joints due to rubberized shock-absorbing coating that can help to balance out some flaws in your running technique.

Also, you can use paths in parks and forests – sand absorbs shock as well. Make sure you are careful enough to avoid injuries.

Asphalt is the most harmful coating for running. But if there are no other options, this one will do.

Treadmills are also suitable for running. If you cannot run outdoors, it is better to choose a treadmill. The air inside is drier and contains less oxygen. You will get tired faster and will sweat a lot more. It’s not a problem, because there is a shower in the gym.


The third question is what clothes to choose for running. It shouldn’t restrict your movement. That’s it. Other factors are determined by your imagination.

Special attention should be paid to running shoes. Although many people believe they can run in any comfortable shoes, it's not quite true. It is better to buy special running shoes that perfectly fit you in size. They should be stable, durable and created so that running causes minimal harm to health.

For winter jogging it is important to choose proper clothes that is neither cold nor hot. In the former case, there is a risk of catching a cold, in the latter - to overheat the body and even suffer from dehydration.

Now a huge number of running accessories are for sale. They help measure the distance, the pace, the number of steps taken, the pulse, the height difference and much more. But for beginners, an ordinary smartphone enough. You can install one of the running apps (for example, Nike Run Club). They will help you track the distance, the total running time, the pace per kilometer or mile. Such an app can even draw a map of your run created with the help of GPS.

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