Drink Or Not To Drink During Running?

Drink Or Not To Drink During Running?

Running fans dispute for a few decades if one should drink water during training or leave it for the end of exercise. If it is better to drink, how one should do it and in what amounts.  

Professional athletes answer the question “to drink or not to drink” for sure: one should definitely drink water!

Of course, if you run on short distances up to 10 km, the question of drinking is not critical. At first you can run the distance, and drink after training. If you are preparing, for example, for a marathon, the topic of drinking becomes crucial.

On long distances, especially if the climate is hot, the body loses liquid at the double. Sometimes you cannot even notice it. It causes dehydration and problems with inner organs continuing until fatal outcomes.

It is interesting that recent medical research often include information about the dangers of drinking during running – they refer to excessive drinking. Many beginners who decide to run a marathon are frightened by probable dehydration and try to drink "for the future". Studies show that this can lead to cell swelling and adverse health consequences.

You can avoid it if you drink moderately. Make it a routine to take a few sips out of the bottle every 5-7 minutes of running. Make sure that the body is constantly receiving water, but its portions should be small – no need to fill yourself with so much liquid that it would be hard to run.

Drink in such a way so that not to break the rhythm of breathing during running: make small sips after pauses.

Listen to your feelings. Drink if you are thirsty, but do it so that it does not detain running by making it heavier. If you do not suffer from thirst, you can skip drinking for 5-7 minutes. Just rinse your mouth with water without swallowing it. When the time is due, make a few sips.

Do not hesitate to drink before and after training. The main rule is moderation. Even if you feel thirsty in the end of the race, do not drink too much: drink a small glass of water, wait for a few minutes, and drink some more – and keep the same way until thirst gets away.

Definitely, one should not drink sweet soda during running. It digests not so well and stimulates inner organs. It is too much for the body especially when running. Avoid soda when you run!

Eat before and after running

Here is an important recommendation on eating. You should have the last meal no later than 2 hours before running. Everything you eat later will affect the quality of training. After running it is also better to wait a bit. Let your body collect itself after exercises. Make a brake for 30-45 minutes and only then eat something.

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