Coffee Before Workout: Good Or Bad

Coffee Before Workout: Good Or Bad

Question of the week: is it true that coffee makes training more productive?

They say that coffee increases stamina and even strength. Is that true? How much caffeine is it advisable before training? What symptoms of the overdose exist? Who is not allowed to drink it?

Normal amount for an average healthy person is 150-300 mg (0,00033 – 0,00066 lbs.). 300 mg are equivalent to 3-4 cups of grain or instant coffee.

Tea contains some amount of caffeine, too. The dosage of tee per day is the same. 3-4 cups of black tea or 4-5 cups of green tea. In case you drink more, it is possible to get the symptoms of the overdose: insomnia, overexcitement, and arrhythmia.

Sure enough, if you drink coffee 30 min before training, it will do you good. It will increase your efficiency and bring you energy.

People suffering from problems with heart, vessels and pressure must avoid caffeine. A cup of the energy beverage will do no harm to a healthy person, but it is important to go easy on it and to keep the safe dosage.

Caffeine is an alkaloid. It belongs to the group of psychomotor stimulators of the nervous system. In different words, caffeine enhances brain function, ameliorates positive behavior reflexes, and increases physical and mental working capacity.

The so-called “pre-training” complexes own the same effect. It is a certain sort of sport nutrition, the basic part of which is taurine or caffeine. Athletes use pre-workout nutrients to increase stamina and concentration.

No big deal, if you take caffeine or even pre-trainers rarely, for 2-3 times a month, in case of hard training or stressful periods of life when you do not have enough sleep or time to do your work. If you are not able to train without a dose of caffeine, if you drink a few cups before each race to rouse yourself, you should not feel secure.

The perfect solution is to take a short brake and give your body some time to rehabilitate itself. It is recommended to sleep at least 8 hours per day, walk on the fresh air and minimize working with heavy weights.

Listen to your body, as it will tell you how long you should relax. Some people need 3-4 days to recover, the others require a week or two, or even more. Feeling good and energized will be a sign that you are ready to get back to weight training. There will be no need in huge doses of caffeine.

If you do not see the signs that your body needs a recover and continue put a focus on pre-training supplements, it may get worse. Such a regime damages the CNS. It can cause problems with heart, vessels and other organs.   

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