Privacy Policy

The local authorities of (hereinafter Website) is deferential to the rights of the website visitors. We recognize the importance of the website visitors’ personal data security. This page contains the information on the data we collect while you are using our website. We hope that this info will help you make conscious decisions concerning the personal data you provide to us.

The Privacy Policy applies only to the Website and the information that is collected by the Website. It does not apply to any other websites and is not applicable to the websites of the third parties that make links to the Website.

By accepting this Contract, the User acknowledges and agrees that the Administration can process his personal data including his private information and personal records.

When Users use the Website, the Administration collects and processes the following information:

  • data given by the User in use of the;
  • cookies;
  • IP-addresses;
  • Internet browser parameters and settings.

Information Collection

When you visit the Website, we identify the domain name of your provider, your country and the selected click-throughs from one page to another (the so-called “click-through activity”).

The collected data may be used to make the Website better for you by the following means:

  • Website organization in the right way for the User;
  • An opportunity to subscribe to the emails;
  • An opportunity to subscribe to the PUSH notifications in the internet browser.

The Website collects only the data that you voluntarily provide while visiting or using the Website. The notion “personal data” includes the information that identifies you as a particular person, for example, your name or email address. After giving this data you are able to use the Website without registration.

The Website uses cookies for statistical accounting. The cookies represent a small amount of data that is sent by the websites. Your PC browser saves it on the hard drive.  

The cookies contain the information that can be necessary for the Website for saving your display variant parameters and collecting statistics that is the pages you visited, what you downloaded, the name of your provider and your country, and the addresses of the other website that led you to the Website. However, all this information is not associated with you as a person. The cookies do not record your email address or other personal data.

Besides, we use conventional webserver logbooks for calculating the number of visitors and estimating the technical features of the Website. We use this information to learn the number of visitors and organize the pages in the way that is the most comfortable for users. We use it to make the Website correspond to the browsers and make our content useful for the visitors.

We record information about your activity on the Website, but not about the certain visitors, so that no specific information about you personally will not be stored or used by the Administration without your consent.

To view the Website materials without cookies, you can set your browser so that it does not accept cookies or notify you about their sending.

Sharing Information

Under no circumstances, the Administration sells or gives your personal information to any third parties. We also do not disclose any personal information you provide to us except as required by law.

Company Responsibilities

Remember, that the transmission of personal information when visiting third-party websites, including partner sites, even if the website contains a link to the Website or the Website has a link to these websites, is not covered by this document.

The Website administration is not responsible for the actions of other websites. The process of collecting and transmitting personal information when visiting these sites is regulated by the document "Protection of personal information" or similar documents located on the websites of these companies.

In addition:

  • The Company is not responsible for the content, authenticity and accuracy of the materials published by Users.
  • The Company shall not be liable for any damage, harm, loss of information or for any other disadvantages to any persons that arose from the use of the Website service, including the use of mobile communications and other means of telecommunications.
  • The Company is not responsible for the user's violation of copyrights and other rights of third parties by publishing materials that are inconsistent with the current legislation (including copyrights), uploaded by the User to the Website or transferred to the Company in any other way.

We do our best to comply with this Privacy Policy. However, we cannot guarantee the security of information in case of factors beyond our control that can lead to the disclosure of the personal information.

We are not responsible for any adverse consequences, as well as for any losses caused due to the restriction of access to the Website or due to visiting the Website and use of the posted information.