How To Calculate Your Maximum Heart Rate For Running

What is maximum heart rate? HRMAX is the largest number of cardiac contractions per minute reached at the limit of the body's capacity during intense training. This is the highest number of beats per minute that your heart can perform under maximum load.

How to Determin your maximum heart rate? The general formula for HRMAX is 220 minus your age. Updated formula is 214 - (0.8 x age) for men and 209 - (0.9 x age) for women. However, the most informative answer can be obtained in a laboratory.

Hr Max Formula: How to Determin your maximum heart rate

Why You Should Know Your Personal Heart Rate Zones? Knowing your own HRMAX, you can calculate your heart rate zones and build every single running workout to keep your heart rate under control. Many training plans are created considering heart rate zones, not the actual running speed. This mostly applies to beginners. Training heart zones are calculated individually, based on individual characteristics of the body.

Target Heart Rate Calculator

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