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It is possible to calculate the ideal weight in kilos or pounds using special medical formulas. Why is this necessary? First, to properly monitor your health, since excess weight is not only an aesthetic, but also a medical problem. Secondly, to monitor the progress of weight loss or weight gain.

Using a free online calculator, you can determine the weight norm for a man or a woman of any age in a few seconds.

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How to Calculate the Ideal Weight

A lot of formulas have been created to find out the ideal weight of a person. All of them are excellent for determining the limits of insufficient and excess body weight, but they differ in complexity and in the set of necessary initial data. The simplest and the most informative method was offered by Lorentz. This formula which allows you to calculate the ideal weight knowing only your height. People called it the "dream formula".

The method of Lorentz was developed in 1929. It is suitable for people over 18, from 140 to 220 cm in height. It has two options - for women and for men. The results it shows are very close to those provided by more complex and time-consuming methods of calculation.

For women

The only indicator that you need to know to calculate the ideal weight according to this formula is your height in centimeters. How to measure your height: stand pressing your back against the wall and mark the upper point of your head (the crown). Then measure the result with a measuring tape.

Calculations of the ideal body mass are made by the following formula: (height in cm - 100) - (height in cm - 150)/2.

Example:  (170-100) - (170-150) / 2 = 70-20 / 2 = 60.

The ideal weight for a 170-cm woman is 60 kilos.

For men

The method of Lorentz is quite informative for men. Again, to determine the normal weight you need to know your height in centimeters. The formula looks the following way: (height in cm - 100) - (height in cm - 150)/4.

Example:  (180-100) - (180-150) / 4 = 72.5.

The ideal weight for a 180-cm man is 72.5 kilos.

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