Calories Burned By Heart Rate Calculator

During physical exercises, the human body uses blood flow to deliver the necessary nutrients and oxygen to cells and tissues. Along with effort increase the need in nutrients and oxygen also grows, hence the heart rate goes up (the body does that automatically). Thus, the number of calories burned depends on your heart rate. It can be calculated, and such calculations are quite accurate.

Age: Years
Weight: Kilogram
Workout time: Minutes
Average heart rate: BMP


Calorie burned: (kCal)

To calculate amount of calories burned by heart rate during the workout in this calculator use the following formula:

  • for Men (kCal): Calorie Burned = [ (age_years x 0.2017) + (weight_kg x 0.1988)+ (bpm x 0.6309) - 55.0969] x time_min / 4.184;
  • for Women (kCal): Calorie Burned = [ (age_years x 0.074) + (weight_kg x 0.1263) + (bpm x 0.4472) - 20.4022] x time_min / 4.184.

Formular provided by: Journal of Sport Science

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